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magnetic suspension centrifugal blower

Anturbo Maglev Turbo Blower adopts the direct drive structure of high-speed synchronous permanent magnet motor, and the centrifugal impeller and motor drive are integrated. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high efficiency and intelligence,integrated whole machine, easy operation and maintenance, low operating cost and so on.

  • magnetic suspension centrifugal blower
  • magnetic suspension centrifugal blower
Operating principle
  • The Maglev turbo blower can detect the vibration of the rotor shaft and the space gap of the rotor shaft through the built-in displacement sensor, and then send the obtained information to the magnetic suspension bearing controller for conditioning, analysis, calculation and production of control current, and then input the current into the magnetic bearing winding coil to generate electromagnetic force, so as to realize the suspension of the rotor shaft.
  • The main function of permanent magnet synchronous motor is to drive the rotation of the rotor shaft. It produces a frequency controlled current through the frequency converter, which is input into the rotating magnetic field generated by the motor stator to drive the rotor shaft to rotate at high speed.
  • The main function of the blower is to achieve air blowing, with the rotor shaft to do high-speed rotating impeller to drive the air and do work on the air. The air enters from the inlet collector of the volute. Under the guidance and pressurization of the volute, the air is formed with a certain velocity and pressure of gas. Finally, the air is blown out of the outlet of the volute, so as to make the blower blow and realize the transportation of gas with a certain pressure and flow.
Seven advantages
  • 01 High efficiencyAdopts self-designed high efficiency full ternary flow centrifugal impeller + super efficient synchronous permanent magnet motor + magnetic bearing.
  • 02 Safety and reliabilityInstalling temperature sensor to do real-time monitoring, if the temperature is over the set range, the blower immediate alarm or shut.
  • 03 Easy maintenanceOnly need to replace the air filter regularly, simple, easy to operate, no other invisible maintenance costs.
  • 04 Low noise and vibration Adopt advanced magnetic bearing and control system, no contact between rotating parts and non-rotating parts, no mechanical friction, very small vibration, low noise, magnetic bearing controlled by the controller, running very stable.
  • 05 Convenient operationAdopts touch screen operation, advanced, simple, convenient, fast.
  • 06 Space-saving Small size, light weight, small space for placing.
  • 07 No lubricating oil, no mechanical maintenance Due to the use of advanced magnetic bearing technology, instead of the gearbox and oil bearing system of traditional blower, it can achieve no lubricating oil, no mechanical maintenance. It improves the operating efficiency of the whole system, reduces the machine volume, and makes the working environment oil-free and clean.
Energy saving comparison
Item centrifugal blower Maglev turbo blower
Fan Regulation 50-100% 30-100%
Whether there is friction on startup yes no
Frequent startup or not yes no
Noise 90-100 (db) 75-85 (db)
vibration small very small
Lubrication and Maintenance Complex lubrication system No need
Maintenance mode It needs regular maintenance by special personnel Replace the filter regularly
Life Time 10 years 20 years
Size large size small size
Installation and construction requirement Need to be fixed on the ground and need isolation measures No
efficiency high high

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