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air suspension centrifugal blowers
air suspension centrifugal blowers

Anturbo air suspension centrifugal turbo blower is a kind of high-tech green energy saving and environmental friendly products. We adopt air foil bearing, high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, ternary flow impeller, frequency converter speed regulation, intelligent monitoring and control and other core technologies. Due to its no vibration, no friction and no lubricating oil, the transmission loss is reduced.

The ternary flow impeller adopts high-strength heat treatment of aluminum/titanium alloy AL7075, which improves accuracy and durability through 5-axis machining. The air suspension centrifugal turbo blower realizes the intelligent control of frequency conversion, which can realize the local and remote control.

We now have different models from TB10、TB15、TB20、TB25、TB30、TB50 to TB75、TB100、TB120、TB150、TB200、TB250、TB300、TB400、TB600, the air flow varies from 7m³/min to 440m³/min, the pressure ranges from 30kPa to 200kPa, to meet the needs of different users.

Compared with the traditional roots blower, air suspension blowers can save energy up to 30%-50%, the performance is more stable , and have a noise of less than 80 decibels. Widely used in sewage treatment, cement, paper, textile, aquaculture, steel, food, brewing, petrochemical, thermal power and other industries

product advantages
  • Economical efficiencyEconomical efficiency◆ Energy consumption can be saved by 20%~50% ◆ Procurement costs can be recovered within two and a half years ◆ Simple and convenient maintenance, reasonable maintenance cost ◆ Air filter cotton quick-wear part
  • Environmental-friendly performanceEnvironmental-friendly performance◆ 100% oil-free system ◆ Low vibration, the noise is less than 80dB ◆ The operating environment is more peaceful
  • ConvenienceConvenience◆ Optimized motor speed control, with lower energy consumption to achieve ideal gas volume ◆ Various control modes and communication modes ◆ Provide a full range of management solutions
Core technologies
  • Air foil bearing 1 Air foil bearing

    The use of high speed rotation of air pressure, relying on centrifugal force and suspension of the non-contact bearing

    > PM (permanent magnet synchronous) motor adopts 100% oil-free non-contact bearings

    Equipment structure is reduced, error-free operation, easy maintenance

    Vibration-free, low noise, environmentally friendly air bearings

  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor 2 Permanent magnet synchronous motor

    The high frequency loss is reduced by the high speed rotating design of the motor, and the efficiency can be up to 98%.

    Direct drive, no power loss

    The revolution can be as high as 60000RPM through the frequency of the converter more than 20,000 times of start-stop cycle test

  • Ternary flow impeller 3 Ternary flow impeller

    The impeller of PM (permanent magnet synchronous) motor is made of aerodynamics technology, which is the same as aeronautical technology

    Adopt high-strength heat treatment of aluminum/titanium alloy AL7075

    Improve speed and durability through 5 axis machining

    Wear resistant and directly connected to the shaft


  • Frequency converter 4 Frequency converter

    Equipped with the inverter which is very suitable for the fan, adopts the international famous brand - Japan Yaskawa /Finland VACON

    Use sensorless technology to prevent equipment from running wrong in high temperature conditions

    Air efficiency can reach more than 96% to improve stability and reliability

    Equipped with KEB (Kinetic Energy back-up) inside, it can slow down and stop the equipment quickly and smoothly in case of power failure

  • Cooling system 5 Cooling system

    Using air cooling system, only the inhalation of external air can achieve cooling effect

    No need to add cooling water, reduce failure rate

Energy saving comparison
difference Roots blower Multistage blowers Air suspension centrifugal turbo blower
picture  Roots blower Multistage blowers   Air suspension centrifugal turbo blower
Principle capacity type Centrifugal type Centrifugal type
Driving Method V-belt overdrive gear Direct Attach
outlet pressure 0.6bar 0.6bar 0.6bar
Air flow 70m³/min 70m³/min 70m³/min
power 102kw 90kw 75kw
noise(@1m) 95~110dB 85dB 80dB below
vibration max less none
lubricating oil need need No need
Service life 10years 5~15years No need
Product parameter

air suspension centrifugal blowers

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